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Downloading then quit's and kills internet connection...?


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I had this problem also, but looking through my logs I found out it was my firewall (FW) blocking my ISP DNS servers and sometimes my router was being block because when I used DHT my FW took all the udp and tcp packets as a attack.

I had to make new rulesets in my FW to accept the packets from both of my ISP DNS servers (primary & secondary) plus my mac address of my router.

For some reason Outpost Pro 2009 see's the router as when running behind my NAT.

The attack that trigger the block was named arp_scan from but the logs showed it was my router's mac address.

This is one of the reasons i hate UDP because it is so easy to spoof attacks and IP's so you need to make certain in the logs it is your router

and not some spoof attack.

Anyways my point is check your FW settings to see if that may be the problem.

Oh another issue that you may see when using DHT & Local Peer Discovery is that your internet may go down but the torrent keeps downloading.

I could not surf the net or ping any IP on the net but my torrents were downloading and uploading fine.

It was like a VPN was establish to the other peers on the DHT.

This was cause by my firewall also blocking my DNS and echo requests..

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