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My downloads got deleted !


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I downloaded uTorrent yesterday and I started to download 8 torrents.

One was done, I started to watch it.

Another was done, good.

Then, after my first movie, I checked which torrents was and 3 or 4 were done.

I selected them, I clicked on "Del" (Under the FN key on Alu Keyboard => http://www.klteck.net/uploads/2008-12-20_1640.png)

When I went to " Downloads " folder !!!!!!! No files !!!!!!!

My downloads were not in the folder !

I tried a search... nothing found.

What happenned ?

I'm still downloading, I hope it will not do that again !! I can see the non-finished file, so I hope they will not get deleted.

I'll copy them to another folder and I'll try to delete them from the list in uTorrent to see if the bug will happen again.

Have you an idea of what happenned ?

Thank in advance,


P.S : Maybe my english isn't perfect, I'm french. Sorry :)

Edit :

My download are now finish and everything is fine...

I really don't know what happenned... if someone could tell me, it will be appreciate :)

Oh and I forgot my config : iMac Alu 24" 2.8 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo

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Default option when using delete apparently deletes directly (rm -f) not moves to Trash. This is on the TODO to be fixed.

Are you sure you didn't Command-Del http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=378826#p378826 . . .actually I didn't test keybindings with a real keyboard, using a macbook for a production system has those sorts of limitations.

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