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First of, i just wanna say that i think uTorrent is an excellent BT.M, and i'm a frequent visitor of the forums.

but after i updated to v1.4 i'm getting ridiculously slow download speeds.

Right now i'm downloading a 699MB file with a availability of 16.999, but i'm not getting a higher download speed than 3-4kbps, but the upload is 40-50kbps. The ratio is 2.550 (?!!)

Now i read other topics in the forum, followed the speed-guide. but it isn't working!

I shut down all my programs + the firewall, I tested my connection and it was 1282 down and 368 up.

I have a wireless 802.11 network, and i'm downloading from other p2p and download managers as fast as always.

Anyone know what i can do?

Any help is much appriciated!

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yeah i'm really starting to worry... i too am getting downloads with speeds of 4kb/s....and so i was searching around the web to find out how to make the speed better.

And they all suggested changing the port #... And so I changed it to 50000 and in my firewall as well. i have no idea why but its now going at a speed of 0kb/s for all of my downloads. Before changing the port i had 16 avail, now i have 0.917 and at most times my upload is working but not my download.

Please i hope there is a way to fix this problem!

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