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torrent just stops


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The little "no entry sign" means that the tracker is offline (or overloaded and refusing connections).

It probably indicates that you don't have DHT enabled otherwise you'd most likely pick up enough peers to get your torrents going again.

Sadly, trackers are bloody unreliable entities.

I try and choose my torrents pretty carefully these days and take the particular tracker into account before starting a torrent.

It is a pain though....... :mad:

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It doesn't matter how many seeds there are if the tracker goes off-line.

The tracker is the central controlling hub of any given "torrent", routing the packets of data between the connected peers.

Once it's stopped being accessible the individual peers can no longer even hear each other because the ability to communicate is facilitated by the tracker (peer machines simply send and receive data).

Check in |Options|Preferences|Torrent Options that "DHT" is enabled, and within the individual preferences of each torrent there will also be an option to enable/disable DHT.

(DHT is essentially a trackerless protocol for connection between individual peers using DHT capable BT clients, like μtorrent!).

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Of course.

That's why this forum is so busy........ lots of users.

It's all subjective though.

Looks as though there may be problems with the newer versions but if it's working okay for you then no worries.

There's certainly nothing else as small, subtle and yet well featured as μtorrent is.

Here's a good page for you (probably needs a little updating):


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I've had the same problem with downloading a new TV torrent...never had this problem before when using µTorrent. I switched to my backup torrent client "Azu" -and that's working fine. I'll be taking a more in depth look at the problem when I get some free time.

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