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Will not open?


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I have to start by saying i'm a complete idiot when it comes to downloading, but at least i think it's good fun and i learn something new every time i try.

This is what i've done:

I have clicked on "Download", then the white box on my desk top named "utorrent" has appeared, i've clicked on it, there's an illustration saying is should drag-drop it into "Applications" -> this never works for me, so i just drag-drop the white box icon into the Dock. Then i right-click so the little gray menu attached to the icon in the Dock appears, and i drag-drop the little green Utorrent-icon into the Dock.

So, there's a bright green Utorrent icon in my Dock, but when i click on it it only bounces once and nothing happens. All the other icons bounce a few times, and then the program opens.

Would anyone be so kind and tell me if they kow what's wrong? Any help appreciated! Thank you!


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