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help "not connectable a firewall/router is limiting ur network traffic


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ok first utorrent working nocely with the green dot stating everything ok right ok good happy.

then.. it showed the yellow triangle checked the port and the port that was working before without me changing nothing it started not working so im pissed but hey portfoward has a quick solution to open ur port....ok ill fix it right

now..i get a circled of red pain in my ass.. and stating "not connectable a firewall/router is limiting ur network traffic"

what the crap i did not do nothing wrong i did everything that portfoward.com told me to do by the letter and now im really off the chain pissed

ok i just enabled utorrent under the winddows firewall and now im back to the yellow triangle. i dont get why its not working....

can anyone tell what ip addess ur supposed to use for the port fowarding? i know its shows u how to set up a static ip but really it does not so i think i know my static ip address but im not sure

any suggestion? thnx in advance

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