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Why doesn't use uTorrent all of my upstream?


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I have a 1Mbit/1Mbit connection, so I can theoretical upload with 125KB/s (My setting: 80KB/s) . But often I have only a upload of circa 35KB/s. That's a little bit annoying because of the resulting low download.

My Settings


Port: 50604 (not blocked by the ISP)

Max Up: 80

Max Down: 120

Global Max Con: 300

Max Peers per Torrent: 300 (I always download only one file)

Upload slots: 30 (also tried with 15)

My actual (but typical) queue


1 File with 2 GB

Time elapsed: 15h

Downloaded: 0,85 GB

Uploaded: 1,7 GB (~ 32 KB/s)

Seeder / Peers: 250 / 1100

Connected S / P: 60 / 160

Do you have some tips for me? My connection is absolutly okay as I tested with a good connected root-server of mine.


Edit: I use uTorrent 1.4 Build 402

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yes bitcomet is very aggressive when it comes to uploading and downloading. i have a suspision it's due to the number of requests it can accept and receive at one time.

phe only works between bc 60 and 61 users.

and if you're not connectable bitcomet's nat traversal works with all versions of bitspirit, bitlord, and bitcomet. this feature allows 2 non-connectables to connect to each other

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I get the same thing on my connection..... I'm on 9/1 cable and uTorrent under various suggested setting won't upload any higher than ~90. Also see slow downloads (for my connection at least) maxing out at around 600. If I switch over to Bittorrnado on the same torrent I geet about 1100/140. Over all I'm not utilizing, depending on conditions, about 1/2 my speed. I know I'm not being throttled cause BTornado runs fast over the same ports and when running Utorrent I can open up my favority FTP and still pull in another 500-600kBs without effecting uTorrent speeds.

Stay Kind,


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