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I am sitting on a rather slow dsl connection in Thailand. I am new to uTorrent but I have often achieved speed of 140kB download and 35kB Upload. At times things would get really slow as my ISP does throttle during peak times. Some torrents are not particualerly well attended and just tend to be slow. All my downloads are coming from an overseas connection.

I was experiencing a major slowdown on a big 8gig torrent (TV series). It slowed to a crawl at 10-15k downloading for hours. I got into looking for something that might be a wrong setting and found nothing that worked until I did something I have not seen mentioned anywhere on this forum. I went into the tracker column for the specific torrent and deleted one from Pirate Bay that was listed as a bad URL. Bam! speed jumped from 10K to 40K download in one second.

I have no idea why this worked but my speed on that torrent stayed up a good forty percent for the rest of the download. Has anyone else noticed this business of deleting bad or inoperable lines in the tracker column? I guess the program was waisting time working on the bad tacker in the list. You can see a comment next to each item in the tracker column and the one I deleted said "bad URL".

Maybe everybody except me knew about this but I have not seen it mentioned anywhere? I thought if this could help anyone I would pass it along.

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I had been averaging 14-20 kB download on that torrent for many hours. Never achieved more than 43kB download speed (except for spikes). My download speed after the deletion jumped to 40kB and over the remaing course (several hours) I received down speeds of 48-90kB .

I realize that this is only one example on one 8gig torrent. The results were so immediate and so dramatic I thought I would post and see if I was perhaps the last person to know about this.

The change seemed too dramatic and consistant over many hours to be just an accident. By 40% I was referring to the approximate increase in the baseline download speed from prior to the change (the average listed). That was a conservative claim based on the improvement.

I am not claiming that I found a cure for Cancer. I just thought I would post this and see if it might have been overlooked. Perhaps it was just a "one off" but the results were too good not to ask.

I will reload the tracker later and see if it started with Udp. To be honest, I only recall it was from Piratebay and referred to a URL.

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