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Conoslidating Torrents and Data Files - Need help!!!!


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Really need help!!!!

The goal is to consolidate all torrent files into one directory and all data files into another directory.

I have multiple clients (Azureus/Vuze, utorrent, BitTorrent) and two computers, one running Win2K and the other running WinXP. The torrent files and the data files are located in a variety of directories on each machine. Some of the earliest downloads have the .torrent and data files in the same directory. I would like everything to be available to all the clients I run regardless of the originating client. I would also like to have all the .torrent files in one directory and all the data files in another directory.

Complicating this further is the fact that I have archived some data files to an external unconnected drive but the associated .torrent file remains on an active drive and directory. I do not want to re-download the file when I do the consolidation. My first inclination would be to delete the .torrent file associated with the missing data file. However, in many cases the .torrent file has an arcane name the cannot readily be associated with the data file (i.e. one such .torrent file is named "2f1abc1.torrent" and obviously cannot be visually linked to the data file). So it is not possible to identify the correct .torrent files to delete. I'm not sure I even want to because I may want to bring the data file back over to the client at some future point in time if someone were to request it - so I probably should keep the .torrent file in the torrent file directory so the data file can be readily shared if and when I bring it back over from the archive drive.

I would be very appreciative if someone could provide a very detailed step by step description of how to accomplish this.

Thanks VERY much!!!

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Yes, a good solution is to create a storage folder for all your .torrents and store your (in)complete data in another main folder (or in different folders as you want).

But if you have deleted some .torrents (not the data), you need to retrieve these ones from the tracker/indexer e.g.

After that read the migration guide http://www.utorrent.com/migration_guide.php where there is an auto-load procedure if you have a lot of torrents to reload in uT.

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