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Westell Versalink Gateway 327W


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Hello, I am here today requiring assistance to the Westell Versalink Gateway model 327W. I have been having very bad downloading speeds since I bought a new Wireless Desktop computer (Vista), but the download has plenty of seeds and peers. I have tried portfowarding.com, however, whenever I enter in my port, the section, "Service Detail" shows this:

Service Detail

Service Name: UTor1

Type: Port Fowarding

Port 1

Protocol: UDP or TCP

Global Port ___________ (This is actually left blank in the site, although I'm pretty sure something should be here)

Base Host Port_________ (Blank as well....)

Therefore, this website is of no use to me. The uTorrent box always gives me a yellow caution sign. The speeds that I am getting are ranging from 0.1 kB/s to 5-6 kB/s. I had one download with 30 seeds and that's the speed that I get. In addition to that, I have looked over the tutorials from the uTorrent Administrator and Moderators, for the uTorrent settings box and nothing really changed there. Can someone please help? Thanks!

BTW: The router is NOT hooked onto the computer. It is hooked onto another computer and I am just borrowing the other computer's internet.



From the Big Apple!

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You need to enter your port that shows up further up in the tutorial on PortForward.com. When it tells you to go through uTorrent's setting, there's a box that says "Utorrent's Port for incoming connections" in about 48 point bold text. If you type your port in that box, it fills in the boxes in the rest of the walkthrough. The short answer is: put the port number you need forwarded in all 3 boxes, the 2 for port ranges, and the one for base host port.

Walkthrough's routinely fail if you skip a step, as in this case.

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