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the red icon of death


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I've used utorrent for a long time, and although my ISP (HughesNet) has strict download limits, I could always torrent with a green icon. They have forced me to upgrade my modem (their own modem, model HN7000S), and since upgrading I never get the green icon. It's either red, yellow, or none at all. I am only able to connect to very few peers, and for very short lengths of times. My ISP has an "unresolvable NAT issue", but it's always had that.

Can anyone shed any light, offer any suggestions on how to get a green light with this crappy ISP?


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You can't.

Just set global and per-torrent connection max really low (since it's the WORST kind of wireless)...and disable DHT (both kinds) as well if you only download/upload private torrents.

Set your other settings reasonable for what little upload you can sustain...and you'll just have to bear it. :P

Satellite sucks. :(

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