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Torrents download fine, then drop to zero


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Hello everyone, I've been having a problem with utorrent lately. I didn't change any settings that I know of prior to this and am out of ideas for what the cause could be. This issue seems a bit different from many of the ones posted here.

Basically, I'll start downloading torrents like normal. Speeds are fine for a while and then, suddenly, all downloads and uploads will drop down to 0. If I restart my pc, it goes back to normal, then does the same thing. When this happens, I can still go online on my ps3, xbox, and my parents' laptop works as normal but if I try to stream from my pc to my ps3 it won't find my pc and my browser will not find any web pages. I set up my router when I started using utorrent and, as I said, I haven't recently changed any settings. The fact that other equipment is working correctly still makes me assume this is a problem somewhere between the pc and router. I have no idea what to do though.

Some details:


comcast broadband

avast, comodo, and spybot running(none have ever caused problems with utorrent)

upnp/nat-pmp: enabled

max global connections: 200

max peers/torrent: 100

dht both disabled(after this started happening)

resolve ip: disabled

I also downloaded the patcher recommended on here(I'm brain farting on the name) after this started happening

I'm using linksys router and modem:

router model: befw11s4

modem model: befcmu10

(writing on those models is small, hope those are correct)

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It's something specific to Comcast. So far I've been told by Comcast that it's my router (and they don't support routers, so they won't troubleshoot, even when I tell them if I disconnect my router and go direct the problem persists,) the application I use (uTorrent, which I dumped Azureus for when it started doing this crap three years ago,) my hardware configuration, Windows, my TCP threshold, firewall (that's a uTorrent forums favorite at the minute,) bad cable modem (which works 100% when doing ANYTHING else other than running torrents,) RAM limitations, bad cabling (again works on everything else) bios, the fact that one of my laptops is running Vista (it can apparently cause problems when it is OFF,) and the Aurora Borealis.... Soon it'll be bad wiring in my smoke detectors (which are wireless?)

Read around, you'll find more posts about everything working fine and then all internet goes dead on the computer running uTorrent. So far the majority of users seeing this are on Comcast. All other connected devices will run fine, but that system will remain offline until rebooted. I went out and bought a new up-to-date router figuring it might just be the router, same result.

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