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uTorrent use in college


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Hi guys, I really need your help.

I recently moved to college dormitory, and it looks like I cannot use uTorrent at here.

I've searched this forum and found out no solution.

I saw many answers that if my university blocks uTorrent, then it's almost impossible to use it.

But some other web hards works fine at here, and sample HD movie playing at iTunes Music Store works really fine.

So I think it can be possible to use uTorrent at here if I find out the port number which iTMS and other web hards use,

and assign the port number to the uTorrent program.

But, the problem exists: I don't know how to figure out the port number iTMS and other web hards program use :(

Is there any possible way to figure it out?

Or I'm thinking of using proxys or seedbox (I've heard of the name, but actually do now know what it is exactly) to enable uTorrent use in my room.

I actually don't care much about the expenses if I can use uTorrent again, so recommend me any solutions possible.

Thank you so much.

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Seedbox is a mutualized/dedicated server with a bittorrent client. High UL/DL speeds (50 or 100 Mbps)

In addition the majority of seedbox providers allow FTP to send your files from your local computer to the server and vice-versa.

Anyway search on the boards (try "college" or "school" keywords), you will find some advices.

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