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uTorrent works but stops all other internet


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I didn't know how to search this with the search tool because I don't know how to describe this problem in simple terms to search.

The problem is simple though but the solution I just don't know.

So basically, when I start downloading with uTorrent, all internet surfing just stops.

For example in firefox, when i start a new tab and type a url, it just stops and says untitled, nothing loads, like there is no connection.

This happens for msn, ie, aim, all browsers. everything that uses the internet

now this happens when there is no internet connection, so i go to check if utorrent stopped but utorrent is running fine.

i also know that when utorrent is going at fast speeds the surfing is slow, that is understandable.

my problem started happening recently and i dont want to believe that this is how comcast throttles bittorrent. i did read they slow you down for 15 minutes but this isnt the case since i can control this problem by closing utorrent and reopening.

also when i have connection issues, i am still allowed to go to but that doesn't even work

so if one thing works the others dont

its so inconvinient

someone please put your thoughts into this one

and sorry if there is a thread for this, i just didnt know how to search this

thanks guys/gals

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does everything work when ut is exited??

try an av scan (it can be malware..a lot of trojans can now screw up speeds, this that ...)

or ur system has (somehow) given ut a really high priority for the internet..chek on that..

try hijackthis (it finds a lot of problems to ur comp)

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