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starts seeding before download is complete


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Can someone please explain this to me:

A download reaches 100% and then starts seeding.

But if I click "Stop" and then "Force Recheck", it only reaches i.e. 97,6%. I then have to start the download again, and then it downloads the missing pieces and reaches 100%

This applies to almost all downloads, especially when reaching GB sizes.

I suspect that when seeding this "fake 100%" it corrupts the data of my fellow users.



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The problem is that it happens on all my computers. I have three computers, all downloading to the same file server, mapped as a network drive.

I have a screen dump showing this behaviour, I just need a way upload them, as there is no way to upload images to this forum.

Here we go. First, everything seems fine:


After a Force Recheck:


Hope this works, first time imageshack user... :-)

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