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Turtle speeds, disconnects etc. etc


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Here are my problems:

I have very low download speeds with uTorrent. That was not always the case. With the same connection, I once had good speeds. Then it sharply dropped, was that way for some time, returned to normal and now dropped again. I'm talking about periods of 20-30 days here. It all changes without me modifying anything in connection settings. The same problem also affects direct downloads such as rapidshare which is very strange.

Other two problems are more torrent related. The first one is that the incoming connections icon says that the port is closed although I know that it's open (I've checked router rules). I've also tested if the port is open and the result is "yes", but the icon still shows that it's closed.

Second problem is the very low number of peers I can connect to. Probably sometimes that is the reason for low speeds as I need peer with insane upload to download at good speed. Right now I'm downloading file with 330 seeders and 1200 leechers. I'm connected only to 1S and 1L. At most I saw my client to be connected to 5 peers (seeders and leechers combined). I've checked max. number of connections per torrent is 35 and it's my only active torrent now. Why I can't connect to more peers?

Thanks for help...

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