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Hi, I'm far from being a computer geek, so I really need some help. I just want to know which settings to use to have optimal use of Utorrent. I just checked in Speed guide and when I click on 'test if port is forwarded properly', I get an error message saying that port xxx does not appear to be open.

And that is just one thing I just noticed, maybe all my settings are screwed up? Can someone help a poor wittle computer regular with all this stuff, in a easy to understand language and as simple as possible? I have high speed internet but yet some downloads are really slow to download, and also I don't understand why it shows so many seeds when I choose a torrent to download, but there are none once it's on my Utorrent?

Pls help


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port xxx does not appear to be open = firewalled on that port = you can only download/upload from peers and seeds that are NOT firewalled, which are maybe 1 out of 10!

Problem is, those (1 out of 10) peers and seeds may have already reached their connection max (from all the other firewalled peers/seeds connecting to them) so if you arrive "late" in the torrent's life, you can't get in many. So instead of being 1 out of 10, it's potentially worse than 1 out of 100!

So check your software firewalls (yes, antivirus OFTEN has them too!), router, and even MODEM may need configuring. This means lots of reading about your particular versions.

www.portforward.com ROUTERS section lists many routers and modems.

2nd link in my signature is for configuring uTorrent based on your MEASURED upload speed max.

You must measure it using online speed tests, because ISPs are very bad about reporting "up to" speeds that you may never reach...or only do once in a blue moon in the dead of night briefly.

Lastly, your ISP may be intentionally crippling BitTorrent traffic. LOTS of research may be needed to determine that. :(

Such as is it on this list?:


...But list your ISP by name/country location and maybe I'll recognize it. :)

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Hi, Thanks so much you're so kind for responding to my post.. I'm with Bell Ultra High Speed, I did a speed test and the result was download speed - 1766 kb/s, upload 506 kb/s. I don't really know if my settings are right in my 'preferences' what needs to be checked or unchecked, etc..

Thanks again,


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