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Mishap, and now Downloaded amount doesn't match Download %.


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Inadvertently I had deleted the .torrent file out of ...Application Data folder (and unfortunately out of the Recycle bin too) Upon opening uTorrent it gave me the famous Can't Open Torrent error on the two large downloads I had been working on for days. After reading all the posts here I could about it, it seemed what I needed to do was remove the torrent listing out of uTorrents GUI, and so I did, and then downloaded the .torrent file again and clicked to reload it - and it went through its Check procedure okay and thankfully started to download and everything seemed just fine, or so I thought until I looked at the Downloaded column figure and saw that it had started over again from 0, however the % showing on the Done column seems to be correct at 35%..

My question is, even though the Downloaded Column figure is incorrect now, has the whole file started to download from 0 again? ..or will it finish correctly? It's a 7 GB file otherwise I wouldn't worry about it, but spending days on a slow isp as it is, I don't want to lose/startover on the 2 GB portion I already did.

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