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utorrent on WINDOWS 7-very SLOW download SPEEDS???


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I'm having a major issue with utorrent & WINDOWS 7 I love the windows 7 beta program but using utorrent with it has been a major pain in the ass. I'm downloading things that are indicating 1 week to download ??? which on XP only took 1 hour? kb's are sooooooo low it makes me want to cry. I tried everything from new configurations to changing ports and speedtesting but nothing works?

Is this a utorrent issue? or the fact that utorrent is NOT COMPATIBLE with WINDOWS 7?

How can I resolve this? & increase the speed of my downloads? any help would be much appreciated, thanks from the NOOB!!!

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I was having the exact same problems. I followed the recommended speed setting adjustment guide referenced above and nothing. Basically, my downloads would start out just fine and then after what seemed to be a random amount of time, they'd slow to a crawl. I'd also get "Disk Overloaded" in the status bar of uTorrent. After poking and prodding in the settings, I finally got uTorrent to behave. Here's what I did:

Options | Preference | Advanced | Disk Cache

- Remove Checkmark next to 'Enable caching of disk writes'

I haven't had a problem since under Windows 7.

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