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Can not upload....?


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I have been downloading a movie for 4 hours and it has not started to upload at all yet? I went through the start up guide and according to the tests they ran at dslreports it showed that I am uploading at 698 kb/sec. Did I overlook something obvious or what else could it be to cause this.

Thanks for any help.


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What Windows version?

What router or modem are you using?

What µTorrent version?

Have your forwarded your ports?

Have you added an exemption in your firewall for µTorrent?

Are you using a proxy?

If you are using Tor... DON'T.

If you are paranoid about getting infringement notices then go to http://blocklistpro.com/download-center/blocklist-manager/ download BLM 2.7.7 and use it to setup filtering using µTorrent's IPfilter.dat.

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