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Question: Can I finish downloading a torrent on a different pc?


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Of course you can resume your torrents where you want.

Move your (in)complete onto your 2nd computer and too the entire folder %appdata%\utorrent (with your history, resume and .torrents by default).

If on your 2nd computer, the drive letter or download folder has changed, you need to change the download location. For each torrent job, stop it, right click > Advanced > Set dwl location and choose the new folder where are your data. Force a recheck then restart the torrent.

Anyway if you have a ton of torrents to resume, the best solution is to use freeware BEncode Editor http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31306 and edit resume.dat and change the drive letter (or other part in path) with function "find/replace" in one click then save it.

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