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i am new so some problem with seeding


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hi there......i download(100%) a movie yesterday and then i closed my pc today i want to seed the same movie which is there in the utorrent application by default. i have not changed any thing and everything is blue and status is "seeding".

but the problem is i have a 2mbps line but the upspeed is low as 30 kilobytes/s (not bits) as i except it to be around 150-200kbps since the traffic for the movie is very heavy anyways its a public torrent......why is this happening?????

yup i have made the up load speed of 200kbps for the torrent......

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no no i am not messed up forget about bits/bytes factor (service provider is not altering anything).

let me again explain it.

1.i download a torrent file XYZ.torrent

2.set upload speed 150kbps and down speed 50kbps.and it was uploading at 150kbps(so no alteration from the service provider).

3.download get completed after some time.

5 i switch off the PC.

6.next day i open the utorrent1.7.x application and by default the downloaded file is there as i have not altered or remove anything anywhere showing status "seeding".

7.but the problem is the upload speed is only around 30kbps(i checked every possible upload setting everywhere its showing 150kbps as the up speed).i checked it for a long time..

so why is it so low??????as the traffic to the XYZ file is very high..

thanks for the previous reply......

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i just figure out the problem sometimes due to error my ISP gives me higher upload than usual so thats why i get mixed up.....anyways i just now find out that the real upload speed is 480kbps and my down is almost constant to 1900kbps........

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