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Torrent started with other program


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I'm an old hand at torrenting, but new to utorrent - so first post in these forums. I had a trawl around, and searched (tracker, hash etc) and found nothing so thought I'd ask a 'new' question:

I started a download with Burst!, but then upgraded my PC, as such I had to reinstall everything thinking I could just carry on as if i'd only turned my computer off - but Burst! won't load (installs fine, but won't boot up). I thought oh well, I'll try utorrent - I've heard good stuff about it.

SO, I've just installed it, and pointed it to my download that is about half way through, but it won't recognise the data I already have i.e. hash it - it just starts dowloading as if it was a fresh, new download.

Does utorrent not recognise the data I already have as it didn't start the download, or is there a setting I need to adjust?

All help gratefully recieved.

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