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Totally Confused New User


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I feel incredibly stupid for being so confused on how I can seed so I can share, and I just don't understand how ratios work. I've been online for over an hour trying to find clear answers to my questions. Perhaps it's information overload at this point, but I am lost. I may not provide the correct information or even ask the question in the 'right' way but I figured I might as well post directly to this forum.

Essentially, I want to make sure that I can share as much as I can, which I guess means keeping a good ratio??

Perhaps I have set my bandwidth incorrectly and that's messing everything up? Obviously I haven't a clue as to what I'm doing but I appreciate the opportunities I have with this site. I have only picked up one thing so maybe that is also a problem? I have kept it open and it does say seeding...

I'll just give all of the info I have and maybe it will make sense to someone out there:

0 (112) seeds 85 in swarm ?? (which changes slightly)

24 (121) peers 59 in swarm ?? (which changes slightly)

Down 753 mb

Up 168 mb

Share ratio: 0.238

Avail: 7.994

Down & Up limits : nothing there

Down speed: 0kb

Up speed: 20.5 up to 26.5kb

Speed test results: Down - 14533, Up - 755, Kilos per second - 1774 down & 92.2 up

Bandwidth window: Max upload rate - 72

Global Max Connect - 450

Max # connect peers - 100

# upload slots - 5

Use additional slots if greater than 90%

This is all of the information, perhaps way too much, that I see and am confused by??

Sorry if I am just making it worse...I appreciate any input.

Thank you very much.

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your share ratio=up/down or 168mb/753mb

You downloaded much more than you uploaded, atm.

just leave it running until your ratio reaches 1.000 or higher.

there are still 112 seeders available, which means that all the other peers are currently downloading from other seeders.

your settings are looking good.

just leave it seeding and you will notice that your ratio for this torrent slowly increases to a better ratio.

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