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20/3mbit UPC.HU connection but max 100 kBytes/s torrents..


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Hi there.

Ofcourse... another one with speed issues with torrent. jadajadajada

The figures:

newest utorrent 1.8.2

torrent speeds go up and down, and almost never ever exceed 100 kbytes a second a torrent.

- according to UPC Hungary in Budapest were I live now, I pay for a 20/3 mbit cable connection

- according to all tests I tried from the speed guide; the upload maxes out at 400 kbytes a second wich is offcourse very good for 3 mbit, So I use 300 bkytes a second as max upload speed in utorrent.

I patched tcp.sys to 150 connections and put it in the torrent program on 125

But how much connections, peers per torrent, etc, I enter in the bandwith tab.. it makes no difference.

20000 seeds and it only downloads from 20 seeds with 25 kbyte a second.

And thats exactly the same file I downloaded with 6,4 mbyte a second yesterday at my girlfriends 100 mbit university connection.

The download speedtests vary a lot. I never get a stable speed. Sometimes its 10 mbit, sometime only 2.

If I use a quite reliable dutch test (where I am from) www.speedtest.nl I get max 1 to 2 mbit a second, wich is rediculous.

A flash test from the speed guide tells me 800 kbytes till 2000 kbytes..

- http://www.servers.hu/sebessegmeres/results.php?kbps=8708.7&downloadtime=2.822&KB=3000&recorded=1 sais the speed is around 1000 kbyte a second.

It is really getting to be annoying.

Does anyone have an idea???

Or is it just my provider and should I give it up and just get adsl if I want a steady speed?

Thanks for any input! I know these questions came by million times.. But I tried everything the guides say..

Greetings, Koen

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Many speed tests won't measure a download speed that fast because of latency and speed test server limits. Which does not really mean your line's as slow as they say it is.

But your line may be very unreliable due to other reasons...same cable channels are shared by many people...so if they're downloading fast, you won't be.

To explain the slow torrent, you probably set net.max_halfopen too high...even patched going over 20 really is a waste of bandwidth. Retrying many of the same failed ips over and over again doesn't help much, so doing it faster just wastes more bandwidth. :(

Try disabling DHT and Resolve IPs...it probably won't hurt at least!

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My line is officially 6 megabit/second down and 1 megabit/second up...though Speed Boost allows it to briefly (1 min or less) burst up to about 15 megabit/second down and 3 megabit/second up.

I'm on ComCast, which told the USA's FCC that it was cramming on average 275 customers/households on each 38 megabit/second download channel.

That averages to about 140 kilobits/second per customer...not even 20 KiloBYTES/sec!

Approximate contention ratio is 45:1.

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