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i just ran into an issue (more of a minor inconvenience) and thought i'd ask to see if it could be changed in a future version.

i have a big list of queued items to download, and i like to keep that list (the downloading list) sorted by queue number. but when i go to check what has completed, i like the completed list to be sorted by label. it would be go if utorrent could remember what sorting i want depending on the list i choose on the left side.

for example:

ALL - sorted by queue number (or users preference)

DOWNLOADING - sorted by status (or users preference)

COMPLETED - sorted by label (or users preference)

ACTIVE - sorted by ETA (or users preference)

INACTIVE - sorted by name (or users preference)

and the way for utorrent to remember would be to simply keep it set as whatever the user sets it to while under that list.

it would save a few clicks here and there i think

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