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uTorrent is totally broke for me


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I switched on my computer just now after updating to the new version yesterday and nothing's working.

At first I got "Error: files missing from job" on all my torrents despite the fact that I haven't touched them since earlier when they were fine, and they are all still in the directory they were downloading to. I did a force re-check and got "Error: invalid download state", and then when I told it to resume the torrent (which was a good 70% done) went to 0.0% and started downloading. Then when I shut utorrent and opened it again that torrent was "invalid download state" again, and despite the files still being in the target directory it says that folder doesn't exist when I did "open containing folder".

I tried rebooting the PC, deleting all the torrent files and adding them again and moving the incomplete files to a different folder and trying again but nothing seems to work.

Help would be appreciated.


Oh thank the Lord.

It turns out that the external hard drive I was using is now registered as K and not J like it has been for the last 3 years, presumably some idiot unplugged it so it was right when it said that directory doesn't exist.

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