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speed randomly drop...


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sometimes my torrent wont go faster then 25 k/s for some reason no matter how many seed there is...

its been doing that sometimes randomly... sometimes it will go up to 600k/s and sometimes it wont go higher the 25 but when one goes fast they all go fast and when one go slow they all go slow... exept if the selected torrent is slow

like they go slow for a couple of hours then all of a sudden they start going at 200 all at same time

i doubt this is related to luck

so i was wondering what could be doing that

sorry for bad english

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Not much, they're throttling unknown/encrypted traffic as well.

You can try 'extreme' hiding tricks to get better speeds:


(Note: My post immediately following that one explains what settings in uTorrent are similar to the Azureus ones.)

...But those restrict your access so much that even if you ARE throttled, speeds will be lower. They are generally only useful when you have next to NO speed (like <1 KB/sec).

It might be a tiny bit faster if you disable Resolve IPs and maybe DHT (especially if you're running private torrents only...or very busy public torrents). Also, reduce global + per-torrent max connections to 20-50 -- so most of the speed you ARE allowed gets spent on download and upload speeds of the torrent files rather than networking and protocol overheads.

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