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Only have speed problems with certain torrents, need help...


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Hello. After years of suffering through bad torrent speeds compared to my connection I finally was able to make the right changes to get my torrents flowing. I've gotten as high as 3MBps down since the change.

The only problem remaining is that I find with certain torrents, even ones with a LOT of seeders, I can't get anywhere NEAR the speed I should be. Here is an example. Notice my first torrent is moving at 2.6MBps (MEGABYES per second, in case anyone missed that), while my 2nd torrent is crawling comparatively, even though it has 500+ seeders of its own. Now, the 2nd torrent does have 15,000+ peers. Is this the problem? I would think with 500 seeders that 15,000 peers wouldn't be a problem except for the first few minutes, but I don't fully understand the technology I guess. My first torrent has less peers than it does seeders, so it would make sense that that's the problem. I have to cap my upload at 50kbps or my ISP gets on me, but I always seed to at least 1/1 and I try for 1.25/1.

While typing this it occured to me that 15,000 people trying to download a file (or files) from 500 would obviously create throttling whereas 700 something downloading from 1500 would be much easier. Can someone confirm that this is the problem? As more of the peers finish downloading the file and become seeders, will my speed increase? Don't peers also transfer data? It's just hard to believe that with 500 seeders, even a file as big as this one could ever get bogged down with data constantly being transferred back and forth from every user.

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