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No "General Information" shown


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My first post on here, as I have only just installed it, and am using utorrent for the very first time.

A file is downloading (very slowly) at the moment but I am not geting any general information, other than the speed graphs, displayed in the area at the bottom of the screen.

Is this normal please, as the file is now about 10% of the way through?

Sorry if this has been discussed before, but please bear with me, as I new to all this!


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Thanks for replying.

As I only had the one file, and the speed tab was 'working' I assumed that the other tabs would be active also, and never thought of actually highlighting the file... doh!

Obvious when you think about it I suppose!

By the way, I was pleasantly by how much the download speed increased when I left it running overnight, on what I am sure is a very popular file just at the moment.

My first impression of utorrent is very favourable indeed.

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I wasn't looking for a high download speed particularly... I just wanted to download the file safely, so I was quite happy to leave it running overnight.

My comment was just that that I was pleasantly surprised, and pleased, at the increase in download speed during the hours of darkness.

I live in the U.K. and my ISP is British Telecom, who I believe 'throttle' anything other than HTML access for most of the day anyway.

I also left the file 'open' for quite a few hours after the download had finished for 'seeding', which I understand is the 'correct' thing to do.

As I said in my first post, I am very new to all this... not to computers in general, but just to bit torrent procedures etc!

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