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More than 25% allocated upload and connection chokes


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I recently moved to a different house, and with that a different ISP.

Utorrent version, settings, software, hardware are all the same as before I moved.

The connection I have with the new ISP is exactly double what I had before. 20Mbit down and 2Mbit up. (Old was 10 and 1)

The problem is for some reason if I set Utorrent max upload to any more than 50kb/s (which is appx. 25% of max upload) it chokes the connection.

If I do not have torrents running and use a speedtest site like speakeasy or speedtest.net I do get the full upload speed as advertised.

I was thinking maybe there's some setting that I am just not knowledgeable enough about like max global and max per torrent connections or something.

It just seems really strange to me that more than 25% of max up and it chokes.

Any ideas?


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