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Problems with limiting the speed...


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I have a question. I was searching for answers but found nothing...

For testing purposes only, because I do not limit sending or downloading, utorrent is turned on only at night, when we are sleeping ;) But I've noticed a problem. For example, I set limit of the download speed to 150 KB/s (whether global or on a particular torrent), generally it holds that, but happens to exceed it. The same is with upload. Sample settings (for up): global: 20 KB/s, a particular torrent: 2 KB/s. The actual speed of sending (for all torrents): 70-80 KB/s, individually are different results, but almost always exceeds 2 KB/s, usually 30-40 KB/s. For down: global: 80 KB/s (for all), usually exceeds 120 KB/s, individual setting is 20 KB/s, exceeds 50 KB/s. What is the cause?


Global limit: 20

(here the question: what it means to "automatically"?)

Global download limit: 150

The maximum total number of connections: 1000

(I tried all the settings from standard to that in 1000)

The maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 500

(Again, was tested, with no noticeable results)

Number of slots to send per torrent: 3

(also after the tests, also with no noticeable change)

without opening an additional slot.


Core 2 Quad Q6600@2.40GHz


Link: 1Mb/750kb

Can someone did come with this problem? Is this bug or do something bad I have set?

Thanks in Advance for your reply.

PS. Sorry for my terrible language :)

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If you have automatic checked under the global upload rate limiting, uTorrent will try to vary upload speed max as it sees fit...sometimes badly. :P

Each connection uTorrent makes and maintains costs bandwidth even if it adds nothing to download or upload speeds.

Even by the time you reach 100 connections, you're probably using 2-20 KB/sec down and up just to STAY connected to all of them.

It is also relatively useless to have more than 100 connections at once for your connection, since your max download speed is probably well under 150 KiloBYTES/second. 2nd link in my signature may suggest more, but it assumes a very asymmetric down-to-up ratio which you don't have.

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