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on of my roomates is Downloading from Utorrent Constantly, he sleeps his computer when he is not on it, it is passworded.

My problem is, He is lagging my whole network when he dowloads. Ex. browsing the internet, takes 5 mins to open the home page which is MSNs homepage.

My question is how can i go on to my router (Linksys WRT54GS) and limit or kill the connection to the utorrent?

I love how fast it downloads but i also hate how slow it makes all the computers.

Thank you for any of the help guys

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It shouldn't be doing that if he set it up right!

But you probably have limited upload speed...and if he's set uTorrent to use all of that (or try to use MORE than that), you'll have problems.

He may be overloading your router too, as the official firmware for the Linksys WRT54GS router is just terrible. Tomato or even DD-WRT are much better 3rd party firmwares.

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alright... i'll install a keylogger on his computer :P and then he is not here i will set it up... can you tell me where to find the appropiate settings at? also if i set it up right will he still maintain the same DL speed?

LOL nvm i found it in your topic... but i look at my speed in my internet connections, it says i have Speed: 100mbps

do i use 100mbits located in this chart from your signature?

2nd:Recommended uTorrent settings: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=34259

i thought it was 1.5 mbit.. i'm really lost. lol still laggin so bad.. but he got increased DL speed :P not really what i need though

Here's what i got on my speed test with his utorrent running (don't know if that matters)


so what now?

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Your LAN connection to the router is 100 megabits/second...your internet upload speed max is far less. Yes, 1.5 megabit/second on my chart seems about right...AT MOST!

But since it's ComCast...use 1 megabit/second instead with reduced global and per-torrent max. Maybe 60-100 each will work ok?

I am on ComCast too, for lack of serious competition in my area. (There are other broadband providers that are either considerably more expensive and/or equally bad in other ways.)

Really, you just ought to tell him. The internet connection is limited in many ways. Your router has some nasty hangups with lots of connections at once...even my recommended settings probably need to have lots of reductions to prevent overloads.

Worst comes to worst, you could probably lock his ip off from the internet via your router...even make it work over the LAN but not the internet. Or just disconnect the danged thing!

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I changed the settings, then he went ahead and changed them back so now it's lagginf like crazy... he didn't like how the seeding was qeued since it qeued 1/3 of his seeds,. i got online for five minutes then he gets on and see it.... no if i were to disconnect it... how cani do it through the router w/o him knowing?

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Change the number of active and downloading torrents to no more than 1 per 1 KB/sec upload speed. Reduce upload slots per torrent to 1. uTorrent may automatically use more if not reaching max upload speed.

Why does he insist on running lots of seeds at once?

Did you try disabling DHT, LPD, UPnP, NAT-PMP, and Resolve IPs?

(DHT is useless for private torrents and marginal on many public torrents. Peer Exchange is more useful on public torrents that at least have a semi-stable tracker.)

Your router SHOULD be able to deny internet access to either:

1.LAN ip addresses (his LAN ip)

2.MAC addresses (his network card's MAC id)

3.ports (his uTorrent listening port)

Do note that uTorrent makes lots of OUTGOING connections in normal use, so blocking its listening port will have marginal effect.

If the router is the cause of your problems, even blocking his computer won't work very well...you'll need to disconnect it from the router AND probably reset the router to clear its ram.

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