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My connection cuts out for a minute at a time--why does this happen?


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This isn't the best photo, but it illustrates the problem. As you can see, ever once in a while my connection ceases for approximately one minute--it happens at the beginning of the picture and at the end too. I can't load web pages and it kicks me off chat clients. This only happens when I run uTorrent, but after I close the application it can happen too. Any thoughts? I'm running a Gateway laptop with a Linksys router.

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Linksys routers with factory firmware often are horrible for uTorrent traffic.

Your settings may make the problem worse.

Looking at your graph, it seems upload NEVER reached the upload max limit...this is probably because ComCast is throttling your connection.

Try the 1.5 megabit/second upload settings in the 2nd link of my signature.

You may also need to do the troubleshooting guide -- 1st link of my signature.

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