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Upload limit restricts download limit on Mac version


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Have since figured out what was going on so editing this post:

The Mac version of utorrent limits your download speed to 6 times your upload speed limit if it is 5kB/s or lower. This feature used to be in the PC version and displayed itself as "Download Limited" and was removed in v1.81.

I had only used PC version 1.81 before switching to Mac and wondered when I started using the Mac version why my download speeds were so low if I reduced my upload speed limit below 6kB/s (sometimes necessary as I have only 128kbps upload connection and torrents can slow down everyones web surfing).

So the question is - if the "Download Limited" behavior has been removed from the PC version shouldn't it also be removed from the Mac version?


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There is no limit impossed by utorrent the speed is based on the Bit torrent protocol and your ping time.

The faster you upload the faster you download was the number one rule .

Torrent Clients have changed that by adding a preference to seed to users with the same Client over others.

Utorrent to Utorrent, Vuse to Vuse. Vuse even has a prefered user name/account list option for users who login to the network.

There can't be a limit as you may be the last user downloading this would mean you could not down load as you have no one to upload to.

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I am unaware that the "Download Limited" behavior exists in the Mac version. Do you in fact SEE the "Download Limited" message?

Neither of the previous posters are fully correct.

Even on private trackers, so long as there's 1 seed (or availability >1) there shouldn't be anything stopping you from downloading...just maybe not quickly and it'll probably hurt your ratio. So if you're having major download problems...either the seeds/peers are slow, your networking hardware and/or software is interfering (and that includes hostile ISPs!), or uTorrent is buggy. And since the Mac version of uTorrent is still in beta and with known problems, the last reason is as likely as any. :(

uTorrent does not favor uploading to uTorrent clients over other clients. The only PARTIAL exceptions to that is if only uTorrent clients allow encryption, IPv6, or uTP connections and that's ALL you allow. But in that case, you'd only be connecting to the (uTorrent) clients that support those features.

Trackers exist to give out peer/seed ip lists for torrents. They do NOT regulate down/up speeds! At most, they can refuse to give certain ips (and on private trackers, private key) any ip lists.

If you have any uTP connections, indeed your down and up speeds are regulated based on your pingtimes and other criteria. It's experimental...and currently not great. :P

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With the highly uncomfortable upload limit with cable, I can see your point. Although downloads are pretty fast, upload isn`t... but I suggest that you try to limit your upload speed to 100kB/s, which is more than enough for browsing the net!

As for your assumption with the 6:1 limitation, I cannot verify your point.

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Many ADSL and Cable lines still are only given 256 kilobits/second upload bandwidth by their restrictive ISPs. This means even 25 KB/sec upload speed max in uTorrent may be their limit.

You can test upload max somewhat in uTorrent if you have enough connected peers. Just set upload slots per torrent so uTorrent is trying to upload to at least 10 peers (5 on 2 torrents or 10 on 1 torrent) and then raise upload speed max till uTorrent is totally unable to upload that fast. Then lower upload speed to where it becomes steady at max again...then lower upload speed a little more so you can web surf and download without network lag.

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