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Download & Upload Speed Very Slow, why?


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After replacing my motherboard (that includes a new Ethernet card) in my computer, I have been experiencing incredibly slow download and upload speeds. Especially download speeds. I have been downloading one torrent file for a week now. Before I replaced my motherboard I got very fast speeds, I could download a gig of data in an hour. Now that takes weeks. I currently am hovering around 14kB/s. I am assured that it's not my ISPs problem, and "everything's fine on their end"

My ethernet card drivers are up to date.

I have a port forwarded for utorrent, I have a firewall exception (disabling it does nothing for speed). I called my ISP and they said everything is ok.

I am connected to a router and cable modem (with VOIP) My ISP is Time Warner Cable. The same problems (speeds) can be found on the other computers connected to my router, but in such an extend (they have slightly faster speeds)

Any Ideas?

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If it doesn't respond to UPnP, you're firewalled.

If you're firewalled, you can't connect to other firewall peers and seeds.

You should be able to configure the router side of the modem...ask your ISP (check their troubleshooting website or call them).

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I've been using utorrent for 4 monthes and was having full speed (360kb/s) download/upload until last 2 week. Last 2 week DL speed is very unstable (suddently up ang goes down) and very slow. Average speed 50kb/s. I talked to ISP & test my internet connection speed, its completely ok. If i run ''Test if port is forwarded properly'' sometime i get following massege:

An error has occurred!

Port 63476 does not appear to be open.

Please see www.portforward.com for more information if you need to map a port.

Please make absolutely sure that PeerGuardian2 or Protowall is allowing utorrent.com ( in either of those programs. Those of you using ipfilter.dat should make sure the list does not include the website's IP. After making sure of this, re-run this test by refreshing the page (F5).


Port 63476 is open and accepting connections.

You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections.

I think it's a piculiar problem. How can a port does not appear to be open and after a while is open and accepting connections.

Please if someone have any idea how i can fix this prob let me know.

NB. I'm using Zyxel P-2602HWT-F3 multimodem and Norton Internet Security 2009.

Thanx in advance.

Shafi, Norway

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