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Perfect settings.. still have problems


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Hey guys,

I ran a few searches before I decided to post here.

Basically I have uTorrent and I love it coz its so small.

I chose my port for incoming connections to be 20200

I went to my router (D LINK DSL604+) and manaully forwarded ports 20200 to 20210 on both UDP and TCP, I also went to the port forwarding web site and saw that my settings are correct =D!!

Here's the thing though when i go to options ---> speed guide -----> test if port is forwaded properly it takes me to the web site but it says Error! port does not appear to be open :o.

Alright, some may say that its coz im testing port 20200 and utorrent is also using that port so i get an error.. BUT WAIT!!!! if i test port 20201 i get the same error (rembmer i forwaded ports 20200 to 20210). VAT is going on.

BTW i get a netowrk okay thingy on the bottom of my screen

Why am I complaining? 3kb/s max download speed (if im lucky) 256/64 connection. Maz upload set to 6kb/s max download set at 30kb/s.

Why am i getting this stupid error!!!!!!!!!!!!ahhhhhh

tank u!

BTW why Ludde no support for UPnP on win 2000 which is what im running..



bad idea... why

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UPnP sucks, and D-Link routers often crash with UPnP on.

Only XP officially provides support for UPnP anyway.

You only have to forward ONE port, and you have to use a direct firewall rule. The virtual server function does NOT work on D-Links. And check your firewall.

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