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Harddisk Crash because bad PSU and Utorrent mess up please help.


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I have 1000 torrents task in my utorrent. 900 are complete torrent for future reference and it help me not to download duplicate torrent. Tragedy happen today, I replace my good Enermax PSU with poor one and it cause my harddisk disappear from windows xp before windows xp finish reboot. At that time, I do not realize my harddisk already disappear from device manager. I start utorrent and .. boom all my torrent task become RED with Error status: cannot access path.

Next, I switch my PSU back to Enermax and my system seem operate normally. However, those pity torrent task still have "Error:" error status. Most of them are complete but I remove it from my harddisk for time to time. So, I cannot recheck it to make it "100%" complete.

Then, it still show as "error:" in my torrent list. Some are show as 0% incomplete torrent task.

The question is.. Are there anyway I can change status of these known completed torrent ?

if I cannot change with Utorrent UI then I think I should direct change in the XML file. However, I do not know exactly where is the XML file Utorrent refer for status of torrent task????

Please help me it a lot of torrent task that I want to move to complete folder. T_T


another question..

is it possible to change my username here?? I just notice that I too hurry register my account and I misspell my username.

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