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Slow speeds, no incoming connections


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Hi, so I have an issue with my bittorrent download speeds

I get the little notification at the bottom that tells me I have no incoming connections. Also, for a single torrent I currently get around 50kB/s I've seen as high as 100kB/s and as low as 0.1kB/s. When using multiple torrents I've gotten up to ~250kB/s overall.

So an average of 50kB/s isn't good, especially when I always hear about people getting several hundred.

First, I tried setting the upload/download max values as suggested. It does seem to help, and it brought my speed from a crawling 3kB/s to what it is now.

I don't think it's a torrent issue because I've tried downloading the most popular torrents and there's improvement but I still only get like 100kB/s MAX - it still has a resting average of like 70

I then tried to figure out what's going on with the 'no incoming connections' issue - maybe that's what's slowing it down?

I made a static IP and configured port forwarding for my router. Yet the port checker still asserts that it's not forwarded correctly. I've checked all settings and everything seems exactly right..

My firewall doesn't block bittorrent.

Every once in a while I will see the message go away and turn into a green checkmark. But most of the time it shows an error.

Any suggestions?

Aright I'm gonna go ahead and answer those questions:

Max upload: 250kB/s

Max download: 500kB/s

The network status icon is yellow normally (although sometimes it's green - like now as i type, it just turned green)

Port checker returns: An error has occurred! Port 47200 does not appear to be open.

Speed guide says:

- upload limit 250kB/s

- connections per torrent 50

-max active torrents 8

-upload slots 4

-connections global 200

-max active downloads 5

net.max_halfopen: 8 (this edit should only produce small effects)

running windows XP

mcafee packacge (firewall, antivirus, etc.)

linksys wrt54g router

and using comcast cable

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