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problems after forum update


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I didn't know where to post this thread, so if it's not the place here please move it to where it should belong.

Since yesterday update I'm not able to login with my "digitalage" account, using Firefox. Actually, I can't also login with this second account, which I made just to let you know about this issue.

This is what happened: Using Firefox, I was trying to post a comment while suddenly I got smth. like "forum updating, please come back later". After few hours when I tried to post again, I noticed that the button "login" appear all the time on page, even if I'm logging in and not getting any error, thus not allowing me to post anything. Instead, just under the line "uTorrent Comunity" I have another line (hardly showing) saying "You are not logged in" (with fonts having the same size as "uTorrent Comunity") - I can send a print screen, just let me know how. It looks like it doesn't recognize me. If I try to recover password, it tells me that my email address is not good. If I try to make another account (same as the old one, since the email is not recognized) and it tells me that the user is taken. That's why I made another user digitalage1, and logged in Internet Explorer, and it works. I didn't try the old used, but I would really like to use the old user "digitalage".

Other than that, I thought it might be good to know this issue, maybe others have the same issue.

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