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NAT and port forwarding problem


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i have a problem regarding port forwarding. My icon went yellow, and my port cheker test is always negative - it says that my port is not open.

but when i connect to my router, port forwarding is ok and checked. i use fixed port 65535 opened both ways on two fixed IP adresses.

first i suspected that the problem is caused by my antivirus, ESET smart security 4. i have read troubleshooting here on the forum, and i tried to change firewall in order to unblock utorrent as written in troubleshooting.

when that failed, i went to eset faq page and tried their solution by manually opening all incoming/outbound connections. when that failed, i disabled all antivirus activities, and when that failed too i finally uninstalled the ESET smart security from my computer, cleaned registry with several programs, updated the utorrent from 1.7. to 1.8.2, and restarted my pc.

xp firewall is disabled, and anyways it has a exception rule for utorrent, so it cant be it.

i got the same error - port forwarding not opened :(

since then, i tried to change port several times, and i got NAT green several times but only for shortwhile, afterwards it just keeps changing to yellow again, and the download speed average is 10 kb/s.

what is the problem? can someone help me pls?

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