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good speed, bad files


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Hello everyone,

i have a problem that is not a big one but i think it's weird.

I have a rate of 500 kB/s mainly for a peer who has 98.9% of the file but all he gives me is wasted files, or at least that's what i think because hashfiles are growing like nuts.

This is not the first time that this happens to me, i have the same issue with other files, a guy who has 98.9% completed and hashfiles growing and growing.

What's up with that? anybody knows what happens to that torrent?

Other thing... where are the hashfiles going? are inmediately deleted? i hope so, because with this problem that i have, sometimes i got 100 MB of hashfiles.

Thanks in advance.

PS. sorry for my english ¿?

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A piece that fails hash is discarded and redownloaded...though this can be a problem if it's attempted many times from the same hash-failing peer/seed!

If the last piece of a file is corrupted, it's probably the result of media software editing the comment section of that file. Nothing you can do...except maybe block that peer/seed and hope someone else has a GOOD copy.

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