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Want to do my bit in return for downloads but...


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Hi all :)

I am new to Torrents and I think its a brilliant concept! I have been busy downloading and I think I have all my settings correct. Must be coz I'm getting no real problems. My speed settings seem to be ok although upload is incredibly slow - I have multiplied my speed result by 0.7 etc etc. Port Forwarding is Ok too and no probs with my router (Netgear DG934G). I have not made any adjustments with port forwarding. I have done nothing else but reading the FAQS and reading other peoples problems. Trying to help myself :)

What I want to be able to is to give something back to the community. I seem to be downloading more than uploading. I have realised that so long as I have active files (that I have previously downloaded using Torrent) in the UTorrent application they will upload. However all active files have moved into Inactive and in the status bar is the message 'Queued Seed' and nothing seems to be uploading. Is that because nobody is requesting it?

I also want to be able to create Torrent files from my own stuff. I have a stack of DVD's and music that I would like to share. Do I need to download a client application to do this? Also do I upload files to UTorrent and then create a link to it? I'm just trying to understand how it works...I think Peers means users like me have the same file that a client wants to download?...and then if one of my peers turns off their PC the ratio is then spread further and the download takes longer?? The more peers and leechers the better?? I'm sorry guys...simpleton here :lol:

Any help greatly appreciated


Edit: Anyone?????

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You can try testing upload speed in uTorrent while just seeding to see what your line can do.

Raise upload speed at 1-5 KB/sec at a time and let it run for a few minutes that way.

If the resulting upload speeds you see are not steady at that new limit...you have possibly exceeded the limits of your line.

Once you find that amount, treat that as an absolute amount if you did the test outside of peak evening hours.

Use a slightly lower value for alternate upload limit in uTorrent...and the regular upload limit probably needs to be 3-10 KB/sec less.

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