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Seeding off a read-only drive...

Kazuaki Shimazaki

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OK, I don't mind seeding really but I need my disc space too. So I decided to try seeding off the DVDs I have to burn to store everything I downloaded. I even took the trouble to make sure the appropriate PartFile is on the DVD (my torrent is like 80 200MB files long, and so each DVD can only accomodate 20 of the torrent)

This strategy works well on a DVD-RW, but they are more expensive so eventually things go on DVD-R (the RW is cleaned out and reused). When I tried to recheck them, uTorrent says something like "Error: Access denied". Why does uTorrent need to write anything on the disc durings its recheck I will never know, but can we have a function so it'd just check from the disc and upload?

If there is a workaround, that might be nice too.

Another feature I'm interested in is in having two destinations. For example, I may have 1-20 burned on a DVD and 21-40 being downloaded. Can we have a function so I can tell uTorrent to read 1-20 off the DVD and 21-40 off the HDD?

If there is a workaround available, please tell me.

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1) I think your problem is that the partfile is opened in read/write mode, which doesn't work on a dvd. I've changed so it opens up in read only mode if read/write fails. Can you verify with filemon if that's the case?

2) Not going to happen.

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