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Cannot Connect to Peers for other country


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Since we don't know your ISP or country...I don't know what to tell you.

Sometimes the methods ISPs use can be worked around -- but without knowing which method your ISP uses, all I can suggest is try higher encryption settings and/or try a proxy/VPN.

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A VPN or proxy has to be a remote location to do any good. And you almost always have to pay money to access one worth using.

012 is notorious as a rotten ISP, not that there's lots of options where you are at.

As far as encryption goes...uTorrent can use FORCED outgoing encryption, disable incoming legacy connections (though may be better to leave them enabled).

You can also use v1.8.3 beta or try the latest but less stable v1.9 alpha/beta which support uTP connections (though you may need to enable them for outgoing uTP) as well as Teredo/IPv6.

Either uTP or Teredo/IPv6 may be able to partially "defeat" your "ISP's" disruption methods for now, as they both use standard UDP packets -- like many games, IM, or VoIP uses.

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So it may be slower then what i got right now

i've heard that the VPN of my ISP is lns.inter.net.il and its work like a charm

and i dont know how to connect with it

i got a router and there are no guides how to login in with a router

Can you help me?

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