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uTorrent profiles


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Hello. I want to suggest if you could add an option where you can change uTorrent profiles.

By profiles I mean as like:

Gamin profile: It will limit your downloads e.x. 25kt/s to resist in-game latency.

Normal profile: You have your downloads on but you do want to surf internet correctly, it limits your downloads e.x 60kt/s

Night profile: As you are sleeping, you don't have limits on your downloads or uploads.

I use 1mb/s, so that's why I used that kind of e.x's. Thank you. I'd really appreciate if you could comment.

Ofcourse you can right click the limits but this would be way easier option.

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The number of global and per-torrent connections, as well as half-open limits, DHT, uTP, Teredo/IPv6...and even how many torrents you have running and how active they are also has a HUGE effect on online game latency.

Reducing download/upload speeds alone will not affect those and could make their effects worse.

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This one deserves much more attention. It's not all about gaming or not.

"Custom Profiles + Custom Shortcuts" would be a great feature!

Example: Seeding using a connection with 128KBs (max) of upload. While using the internet/work, a profile could be selected (limiting upload at 75KBs).... and when leaving the PC for minutes/hours a different profile could be selected to open up to the max upload speeds. Other one could be used to completely stop...

The "Custom Shortcuts" would be totally free/"programmable" (both upload & download speeds for each one) to the user and that way it would be possible to program the "shortcut keys" on certain keyboards like the Logitech G15.

I would use something like this:

G1 key -> Profile 1: Stop all traffic

G2 key -> Profile 2: upload at 75KBs / download (un)limited

G3 key -> Profile 3: upload at 100KBs / download stopped

G4 key -> Profile 4: max speed (unlimited) / download unlimited

This would be great to quickly change traffic speeds and avoiding the annoying system of:

"right-click" -> upload limit -> ... and...

"-> download limit -> ..."

Think about it. ;) It's a great idea.

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Connection profiles could also take into account the different bandwidth environments of say work versus home. :)

Could a uT profile be tied to an OS connection profile? ie, I connect to HOME_SSID, so uT selects the linked cx profile accordingly.

Thanks for your consideration.

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