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Unable to Load Torrent.


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Error = "unable to load torrent".

(It specifies all the files within the torrent, but after selection, won't actually load the torrent - the error is generated).

For many months, had superb connections. Haven't changed any config's manually or installed any new devices, software, browsers.

Several other users are reporting similar problems.


The work around found so far ....

Workaround =

Found one way to download. Dont click on the link to start the download, Cause as soon as you click it comes up, the error message. (download this torrent)

Now, right click on the mouse and "SAVE THIS TARGET AS" then save.

As soon as its done just click on "open" and it will start to download. Werid.. But it works. I would like to go back to the old way in just a simple click, but I guess this will do for now.


Utorrent will load torrents using this, and again, performance isn't an issue.

I've already reinstalled firefox, and deinstalled and reinstalled utorrent, checking for updates, but again only the workaround will "bypass" the config issue.

Any idea what config's, registry keys to alter to get system working okay again?

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