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Port Forwarding Help Needed (I've done it before.)


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Ok, so I go to to connect to my router.

I go to firewall, and click on Port Forwarding. Whenever I try to forward a port, there isn't anywhere to put a specific port number in, but when I actually choose port forwarding, and click on the speed test via Utorrent, it says the port is forwarded.

After I port Forward through this method (The only Method, as I know of), The download will continue at up to 600kB\s. However, Now I cannot use the internet, no matter if I'm currently downloading at 6kB\s, or at 600kB\s. As long as the port is forwarded through this method, as I use firefox and I open up a new browser, it says "Page cannot be found" no matter what website I go to.

I use Verizon. I can download at 10 megabits per second, upload at 3megabits per second.

The question comes down to, How Can I download at the highest speed possible, WITH being able to surf the web? Again, I cam download at 10 megabits, meaning that the speed should not be effected, even by a 600kB\s download. When the port is forwarded, only Utorrent will work. When I remove the port and its settings, the UTORRENT speeds will drop tremendously (Under 80 kB\s), and the internet starts working again.

I am SURE that its not just the internet being slow, as it actually says that the page cannot be found. And it happens no matter what the speed is on UTorrent.

Hey, thanks for any help. If anyone else that uses Verizon can contribute to solving my problem, even better.


Is there any setting I can change to do this? I just got a new router and faster internet, and before I didn't have this problem.


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