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Write to beginning of disk - dedicated torrent disk


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uTorrent seems to be optimized for running on a "shared" disk, meaning a disk that's being used for everything else. Because of that, uTorrent writes to somewhere around the middle of the disk, to leave room at the beginning for more important files that need the extra speed. However, when you have a dedicated torrent disk, you want your new torrents to have the fastest possible read speed, to transfer it as fast as possible to your permanent storage.

At the moment, I use JkDefrag to force older files toward the end of the disk, so new torrents can take advantage of the increased read/write speeds at the beginning of the disk. However, when uTorrent writes to the middle of the disk anyways, that sorta defeats its purpose.

Is there an existing setting, or is it simple to implement, that uTorrent should write to the beginning of the disk?

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