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getting torrents off a hard drive


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i have a PC that i was using to download stuff and the computer went bust,a motherboard fault, so i got out the HD off that computer and tried to get it working on another PC to continue my downloads and it would not load.but all this is not essential to my question.

can i connect the hard drive to another computer(wither as internal or external) and know which torrents which torrents did i have at the time of the crash downloading so i can contiue downloading them on another computer,or is the only option is getting all my torrent history and have a tedious hash check for 980 items and torrents.

i really hope to get a solution other than 980 hash checks.

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Yes you can resume you downloads without doing 1k hash rechecks.

You have to retrieve the folder %appdata%\utorrent on your old HD.

Move this folder onto you new computer (instead of the new %appdata%\utorrent).

Now the drive letter of your old HD can be changed.

1st solution: fix the drive letter as previoulsy in yr old computer

2nd solution: use BEncode Editor (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31306) and edit the old resume.dat and use function "find/replace" to change the drive letter in one click. Then save it.

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